Domains of activity

Criminal defense

Road traffic law

Law concerning foreign nationals
and law of asylum




Criminal defense

Penal law, incl.

  • Penal law concerning capital crimes

  • Penal law concerning sexual crimes

  • Penal law concerning traffic offences

  • Environmental penal law

Penal law concerning business offences

Criminal law in relation to tax offences

Penal law concerning narcotic offences

Military penal and disciplinary law

Criminal law relating to young offenders,
incl. juvenile court proceedings

Law of regulatory offences

Law of criminal procedure, incl.

  • Law of imprisonment on demand

  • Law of appeal

Law of penal execution

Law of prison administration


Road traffic law

Penal traffic and violations cases

Civil traffic law, incl. traffic accident cases, esp.
legal actions for damages arising out of a road accident and compensation for pain and suffering

Administrativ traffic law, incl. proceedings of
forfeiture and reissue of the driving licence


Law concerning foreign nationals and
law of asylum

Substantive law concerning foreign nationals, incl.

  • Law concerning entry and residence of aliens

  • Law concerning expulsion and alien deportation proceedings

  • Law concerning naturalization of foreigners

Substantive law of asylum

Asylum procedure law